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ArtSpark fuels the creative economy by equipping and empowering artists and creators to make a living.

ArtSpark and Artist Business Canvas Testimonials

The Artist Business Canvas

The Artist Business Canvas (ABCanvas), equips and empowers all different kinds of artists, creative entrepreneurs, makers/artisans, and designers to succeed with the “business side” of their creative practice. Created by and for artists and creators.


For Organizations

Available online and in person.

For Individuals

Available online and in person.


ArtSpark empowers and equips artists and creators creative entrepreneurs to successfully make, market and sell their work. What sets ArtSpark apart is our commitment to creative people making a living on their own terms while staying true to their creative practice.


Join ArtSpark on Patreon for an eclectic mix of content focused on business for creators/artists, including mind-set shifts, essential (and easy!) business tools, special offers, surprise guests, and even some improv collaboration with other Patreon creators.

Our Team

ArtSpark's Small and Mighty Team

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. If you're interested, please contact us by emailing us at alexandria@art-spark.org.

Contribute to Art Spark

ArtSpark welcomes tax-deductible donations either via PayPal (you can donate/pay without a PayPal account) or by sending a check to our nonprofit fiscal sponsor, the Center of Southwest Culture: 505 Marquette Ave NW #1610, Albuquerque, NM 87102. If you are interested in other ways to support ArtSpark financially or as a volunteer, contact Kristine directly: kristine@art-spark.org.

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